1.1. General information about the car

The car of the small class VAZ-2170 Lada Priora with a four-door body like sedan (on the international classification the class C) is intended for operation at a temperature of air from-40 to +50 °C on public roads with a hard coating.
The Lada Priora car is equipped with the injector 16-valvate engine of fashion located across a motor compartment. VAZ-21126-00 with a working volume of 1,6 l. The engine is equipped with system of the distributed injection of fuel and the catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases which is structurally executed in the uniform block with a final collector (katkollektor).
The body bearing, all-metal, a welded design, c hinged doors, forward wings, a cowl and a trunk lid.
The driver's seat of the Lada Priora car in a regular complete set is equipped with a safety cushion, in alternative execution — and a safety cushion of the forward passenger, and also forward seat belts with prednatyazhitel and limiters of loading that considerably reduces probability and weight of wounds of the head and thorax at the road accident.

The safety cushion works only at strong blow of a forward part of the car. At insignificant frontal blows, capsizing of the car, blows behind or sideways fixed assets of protection are seat belts.

Transmission is executed according to the front-wheel scheme with drives of driving wheels of different length.
Forward suspension bracket independent, spring, with the stabilizer of cross stability, with hydraulic damping racks. A back suspension bracket semi-dependent, lever and spring, with hydraulic shock-absorbers.
Brake mechanisms of forward wheels disk, with a floating bracket, back wheels drum.
In alternative execution the Lada Priora cars equip with the anti-blocking system of brakes preventing blocking of wheels during braking and keeping controllability and course stability.
Steering is safety, with the steering gear wheel lath mechanism, with the electromechanical amplifier changing the transferred torque depending on car speed.
The Lada Priora cars complete with system of remote control of blocking or an unblocking of locks of doors (in alternative execution and blocking of the lock of a trunk lid) with simultaneous turning on or switching off of the mode of protection of the car. Besides, are provided remote turning on of the disturbing alarm system at violations of zones of protection of the car and blocking of all doors by pressing of a key from interior of the car.
Also electronic system of blocking of the engine (immobilizator) providing additional protection against unauthorized launch of the engine enters this system.

Fig. 1.1. Overall dimensions of the Lada Priora car (mm)

Overall dimensions of the car are shown in fig. 1.1, technical characteristics are given in tab. 1.1.

Fig. 1.2. Podkapotny space of the car: 1 – engine; 2, 14 – support of the power unit; 3 – steering mechanism; 4 – throttle knot; 5 – tank of the main brake cylinder; 6 – broad tank of the cooling system of the engine; 7 – main unit of safety locks; 8 – washer reservoir; 9 – rechargeable battery; 10 – air filter; 11 – sensor of a mass consumption of air; 12 – disturbing signal; 13 – generator; 15 – cowl emphasis

Elements of podkapotny space of the VAZ-2170 Lada Priora car are given in fig. 1.2, the arrangement of the main knots and units is shown in fig. 1.3 and 1.4.

Fig. 1.3. An arrangement of the main knots of units of the car (the bottom view in front, the mudguard of the engine is removed): 1, 3, 13 – support of the power unit; 2 – generator; 4 – engine cooling system radiator; 5 – engine cooling system electric fan; 6 – starter; 7 – cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket; 8 – arm of an extension of a forward suspension bracket; 9 – extension of a forward suspension bracket; 10 – damping rack of a forward suspension bracket; 11 – stabilizer rack; 12 – left drive of a forward wheel; 14 – transmission; 15 – reception pipe of the additional muffler; 16 – oil case of the engine; 17 – katkollektor; 18 – right drive of a forward wheel; 19 – stabilizer of cross stability; 20 – lever of a forward suspension bracket; 21 – brake mechanism of a forward wheel

Fig. 1.4. Arrangement of the main knots of units of the car (bottom view behind): 1 – separator; 2 – main muffler; 3 – damping racks of a back suspension bracket; 4 – niche of a spare wheel; 5 – bulk pipe of the fuel tank; 6 – beam of a back suspension bracket; 7 – fuel tank; 8 – filter of thin purification of fuel; 9 – pillows of a suspension bracket of system of production of the fulfilled gases; 10 – regulator of pressure of brake forces

Table 1.1 Technical characteristics of cars