1.2. Passport data

In podkapotny space of number of the car are located in the following places: 1 – identification number of a body; 2 – identification plate; 3 – model and number of the engine.
Identification number (VIN) of the car, engine model, the name of manufacturer, year of release and information on certification are specified in the identification plate (fig. 1.5).

Fig. 1.5. Identification plate: 1 – manufacturer; 2 – mark of conformity and number of approval of the vehicle; 3 – identification number of the car; 4 – engine model; 5 – load of a forward axis; 6 – load of a back axis; 7 – number of a complete set; 8 – execution option; 9 – the allowed maximum mass of the car with the trailer; 10 – the allowed maximum mass of the car; 11 – number for the order of spare parts

Besides, identification number (VIN) of the car is beaten out on the right support of a damping rack...
… also it is duplicated in a car luggage carrier on semi-niches of a spare wheel.
Interpretation of identification number, for example, XTA21703070005783:
HTA — an index of the producer;
217030 – car model;
7 – code of model year of release of the car (tab. 1.2);
0005783 – number of a body.

Table 1.2 Code of Model Year of Release of the Car

Model year — the period equal on average to calendar year during which release cars with identical constructive signs.

The model and number of the engine are beaten out at an end face of the block of cylinders (over a coupling case). It is possible to read number by means of a mirror.