1.4.3. Route computer

Fig. 1.7. Combination of devices

The route computer represents the electronic device, on the liquid-crystal display 17 (see fig. 1.7) which information on a trip is displayed: external temperature, time of the movement, a run on the fuel which remained in a tank and its average expense.
Data on a car run, the general or daily are output to the top line of the display. Include the necessary mode pressing of the button 8 (see fig. 1.7). If on the display the daily run is displayed, then for dumping of indications press the button 8 and hold it more than 3 pages.
On the lower line the parameters specified in tab. 1.3 are displayed for choice. For switching of the modes of indication and management of functions keys 1 and 2 on the lever 5 (see fig. 1.7) the understeering switch of cleaners and washers of glasses are used.

Table 1.3 the Parameters of the route computer displayed on the display
* Values of the displayed parameters belong on an interval from the moment of the last zeroing.
** At the same time there is a zeroing of the following functions: trip time, average fuel consumption, average speed and volume of the spent fuel.