1.5.1. Features of the device

Fig. 1.6. Dashboard and governing bodies

External air can come to salon through windows of doors at the lowered glasses and the air inlet located before a windshield on the right and supplied with the dust catching filter which purifies the air coming to salon of dust, a soot, pollen of plants and so forth. The air coming to salon through an air inlet passes through a heater. Depending on position of handles of regulators of the block 13 (see fig. 1.6) managements of heating and ventilation cold air comes to interior of the car or warmed up, or.

Fig. 1.8. Bodies of distribution of streams of air

The arrangement of bodies of distribution of streams of air is shown on fig. 1.8, an arrangement of governing bodies of heating and ventilation — in fig. 1.9.
In interior of the car the following bodies of distribution of streams of air are located.
1 – air supply air ducts to legs of passengers on a back seat.
2 – side nozzles of air supply to the driver and the passenger on a front seat or on glasses of forward doors. The direction of a stream of air is regulated turn of a lattice (in the vertical direction) and shutters (in the horizontal direction) for the handle 2 located in the middle of a lattice. Intensity of a stream is regulated movement of a wheel 1 in the vertical direction. At the top extreme provision of an adjusting wheel an air stream from the left nozzle maximum, at the lower situation — the stream of air is blocked. The control algorithm of intensity of a stream from the right nozzle is similar to left.
3 – nozzles of an obduv of glasses of forward doors.
4 – nozzles of an obduv of a windshield.
5 – the central nozzles of air supply in salon. The direction of streams of air from central snuffled regulate the same as from side (see item 2).