1.5.2. Ventilation of salon

For ventilation of salon install regulators and the switch of the control unit of ventilation and heating in the following provisions.
1. Turn clockwise against the stop the regulator handle 2  temperatures of the given air.
2. Install the regulator of distribution of streams of air and the switch of the modes of the fan of a heater, as shown in a photo.
3. Open nozzles, having turned adjusting wheels up.
4. Establish by the regulator 3  the necessary speed of air supply of the electric fan of a heater.
5. When fogging a windshield install regulators of the control unit of system of heating and ventilation of salon, as shown in a photo.

Good advice
If the car is completed with the conditioner, install the regulator of temperature of the given air in extreme left situation. Such way is most effective in the summer in rainy weather.