1.7.1. Locks

Locks of doors and trunk lid unlock one key.
Side doors open, having pulled on themselves external...
... or internal handle.
Forward doors can be blocked outside a key of locks of doors and trunk lids as mechanically, and by means of the remote control located on a working key.
From salon of a door block the button on a door upholstery, having pressed it before click …
… or having pressed the button of blocking of all doors in the module of a door of the driver.

It is possible to block forward doors only when they are completely closed.

It is possible to unblock doors a key or the button of blocking on a door upholstery, having pulled it up.
Locks of back doors are equipped with the latch excluding a possibility of opening of doors from within (the "children's" lock). If on a back seat there are children, then at an open door move the end of the lever of blocking of the lock supporting the door end face plane down and close a door. In this case at not pressed button of blocking it is possible to open a door only outside, the internal handle it is impossible to unlock the lock. For shutdown of "children's" blocking move the lever up.