1.7.2. Window regulators

Glasses of forward and back doors lowering.
For rise and lowering of glasses of forward doors electrowindow regulators are used, in alternative execution the same function is provided also for glasses of back doors.
For lowering of glass of any forward door (the passenger's door) press a photo down to click the corresponding key of the module of a door of the driver …
… and for return of glass to a starting position raise a key up.
On a door of the forward passenger the similar switch with the same algorithm of work, as is installed in the module of a door of the driver, but with a possibility of management only of that door on which it is established.
On back doors of the car handles which rotation lower are installed or lift glass.

Glasses of back doors because of design feature of doors fall not completely. The attempt to lower them below limit situation will give to breakage of the handle of a window regulator.