1.8.1. Seat belts on front seats

Seat belts — an effective remedy of protection of the driver and passengers from severe injuries at the road accidents. Therefore during the movement be surely fastened by a belt and you transport the passengers fastened by seat belts.
The car is completed with seat belts with inertial coils on front seats, and in alternative execution — with prednatyazhitel and limiters of loading. For belts of front seats adjustment of provision of the top point of fastening on height is provided.
1. To fasten a belt, extend it from the coil and implant a buckle uvula into the lock before click, without allowing twisting of straps.
2. For an otstegivaniye of a belt press the lock button, holding a belt. Release a belt — under the influence of a returnable spring it will automatically be reeled up on the coil.
3. In order that the belt did not touch a neck and did not press on a shoulder, adjust height of fastening of the top point. For fastening movement down press a decorative overlay of a belt to a rack.