10.19.1. Features of a design

Install the immobilizator representing the electronic system intended for prevention of unauthorized launch of the engine by a rupture of electric chains of a control system of the engine on the Lada Priora cars.
Immobilizator is built in the control unit of a double-glazed window. The system consists of the control unit, a control lamp in a combination of devices, the communication coil in the lock of ignition, working key in the remote control and the training key with a tag of red color. Operating modes of an immobilizator are displayed by inclusion of a signaling device and signals of the buzzer which is built in it.
The control unit of an immobilizator and EBU of the engine can be in one of two states:
1 state — function of an immobilization is switched off. In this state the control unit of an immobilizator is switched off, communication between it and EBU is absent, blocking of the engine is impossible;
2 state — function of an immobilization is included (the trained state). In this state blocking of the engine is possible, the unblocking is carried out by receiving EBU of the correct password from the control unit of an immobilizator.
Pass into the trained condition of EBU and an immobilizator after training of working keys by means of the training key. Upon termination of the procedure of training both blocks pass into the trained state.

Not to lose the training key (with a red insert), for launch of the engine use only working keys.