10.19.3. Actions at loss of keys of an immobilizator

At loss of a working key it is necessary to get preparation of a new key and to cut it for work with the switch (lock) of ignition put on the car. Then it is necessary to perform the procedure of training of an immobilizator (see. "Training of keys of an immobilizator"), having applied the available training and new worker keys.
At loss of the training key it is impossible to perform the procedure of training of keys. It means that it is possible to continue operation of the car only with the available working key. In case of loss of the remained working key or at malfunction of an immobilizator it is necessary to replace new both an immobilizator, and EBU. After such replacement it is possible to cut new preparation of the training key for work with the ignition lock put on the car and to carry out the procedure of training (see. "Training of keys of an immobilizator").