10.2.1. Features of a design

The lead starter rechargeable battery with a capacity of 55 And · is installed on the car h. Rechargeable batteries of this capacity are released by a great number of various producers, but characteristics of these batteries are similar.
During the work with metal tools do not allow short circuits of the rechargeable battery.
At a charge of the battery explosive gas mix therefore during a charge and service of the battery it is forbidden to smoke and use naked flame is formed. Charge the battery in well ventilated room.
At casual hit of splashes of electrolyte on skin or in eyes immediately, before delivery of health care, plentifully wash out the struck places water and then 2% solution of baking soda (0,5 teaspoons on a glass of water).
After any work with the rechargeable battery surely wash up hands with soap.

Technical characteristic of the rechargeable battery