10.3.2. Replacement of safety locks and the relay in the assembly block

Arrangement of the relay and safety locks in the assembly block: 1, 2 – tweezers; K1 – the relay of turning on of the electric fan of a radiator of the cooling system of the engine; K2 – the relay of inclusion of heating of back glass; K3 – the relay of inclusion of a starter; K4 – the additional relay (the ignition relay); K5 – the place for the reserve relay; K6 – the relay of inclusion of a washer and screenwash; K7 – the relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights; K8 – the relay of inclusion of a sound signal; K9 – the relay of inclusion of a disturbing signal; K10, K11, K12 – places for the reserve relay; F1–F32 – fuses (the chains protected by fuses of shtyrevy type are specified in tab. 10.3)

Electric equipment devices consuming big current during the work are connected via the relays protecting contacts of switches from a podgoraniye.
For replacement of the relay and shtyrevy safety locks special plastic tweezers 1 and 2 are provided in the assembly block (see a photo).
1. Turn on 90 ° three locks of a cover of the block of safety locks and the relay...
2.... and, overcoming resistance of clamps, uncover.
3. Hook tweezers on a safety lock and take it from the contact socket.
4. Install a safety lock of the same face value in the contact socket, as removed.

Small-sized relays in the assembly block can also be taken tweezers for safety locks. Other relays should be taken hands as the tweezers design for the relay located in the assembly block provides existence of edges on the side surfaces of the relay, but in this assembly block such relays are absent.

5. Install the relay of the same type, as removed.

Safety locks of different face value are painted in different color. Besides, numerical value of current on which it is calculated (face value) is caused on a safety lock.