10.4.1. Features of a design

Install the generator of fashion on the Lada Priora cars. 5102.3771 alternating current, three-phase, with the built-in vypryamitelny block and the electronic regulator of tension, the right rotation (if to take a detached view the drive).
Generator of fashion. 5102.3771 has a number of advantages before early analogs of domestic production. The most essential difference — the raised tokootdacha of the generator on small turns of the engine (increase makes 4-6 A at decrease in turns of a rotor of the generator for 300 min.-1) that is especially necessary at operation of the car in the winter, and also will allow to use further in a car design the automatic transmission.

Technical characteristic of the generator 5102.3771
The maximum current of return at 14 V, And..... 80
Adjustable tension, In..... 13,8–14,4
The transfer relation the engine — the generator..... 1:2,4
Specific power, W/kg..... 205
Weight, kg..... 5,4

Fig. 10.1. Scheme of connections of the generator: 1 – rechargeable battery; 2 – generator; 3 – main unit of safety locks; 4 – switch (lock) of ignition; 5 – assembly block; 6 – alarm lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery

The scheme of connections of the generator is shown in fig. 10.1. Tension for excitement of the generator at inclusion of ignition is brought to a conclusion of "D+" of the regulator through the alarm lamp of the 6th category of the rechargeable battery located in a combination of devices.
After launch of the engine the winding of excitement eats from three additional diodes installed on the vypryamitelny block of the generator.
Conclusion of "W" of the generator on the Lada Priora cars is not used.
Operation of the generator is monitored by means of an alarm lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery located in a combination of devices. At inclusion of ignition the lamp has to burn, after launch of the engine — to die away if the generator is serviceable. Bright burning of a lamp or its burning dimly testifies to malfunctions.

Fig. 10.2. Generator 5102.3771: 1 – pulley; 2 – forward bearing; 3 – forward cover; 4 – stator; 5 – coupling bolt; 6 – back cover; 7 – casing; 8 – vypryamitelny block; 9 – conclusion of "D+" of the generator; 10 – conclusion of "B+" of the generator; 11 – contact rings of a rotor; 12 – tension regulator with the brush holder; 13 – back bearing of a shaft of a rotor; 14 – rotor

The stator 4 (fig. 10.2) and covers 3 and 6 are pulled together with four screws. The shaft of a rotor 14 rotates in bearings 2 and 13 which are installed in covers. Food is brought to a rotor winding (an excitement winding) through brushes and contact rings 11.
The three-phase alternating current induced in a stator winding will be transformed in constant by the vypryamitelny block 8 attached to a cover 6. The electronic regulator 12 of tension is united in one block with the brush holder and also fastens to a cover 6.