10.4.4. Check and replacement of the regulator of tension with the brush holder

On the generator 5102.3771 the regulator of tension of fashion is installed. 5102.3771.060.
Operation of the regulator of tension consists in continuous automatic change of current of excitement of the generator so that tension of the generator was supported in the set limits at change of frequency of rotation and current of loading of the generator.
It will be required to you: screw-drivers with a flat edge, a key "on 8", a tester.
1. Take away a rubber cover and connect a "plus" wire of the voltmeter to the plus plug of the rechargeable battery, and connect a "minus" wire respectively to the minus plug.
2. Launch the engine and include car headlights.
3. In 15 min. operation of the engine on average turns measure tension, it has to be within 13,8–14,4 Century. If it is observed недозаряд (tension does not keep within the set limits)...
4.... check tension directly on a power conclusion (hairpin) of the generator concerning its case ("weight"). If tension on a hairpin of the generator meets standard, check tension on the power plug. If the tester shows various values of tension, then smooth out contact of the power plug and reliably tighten a nut then repeat measurements. After preventive influences the difference of values of tension between a hairpin and the plug has to decrease to zero. If indications of a tester are identical, i.e. is normal, then similarly, described above, check tension on safety locks of F4 and F6, their contact blocks and in the place of fastening of a plait "plus" the rechargeable battery to the general "plus" tire of the main unit of safety locks. If tension on a hairpin of the generator does not meet standard, check a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator and if necessary adjust a tension (see. "Check of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator"). If tension does not meet standard again, replace tension regulator.
5. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
6. Disconnect a block with a wire from a conclusion of "D+" of the generator.
7. Take away a rubber cover, turn off a nut...
8.... also disconnect wires from a contact hairpin.

Work on replacement of the regulator of tension is performed on the generator installed on the car. For descriptive reasons the generator is removed from the car.

9. Turn off a nut of fastening of the plug of a chain of excitement of the generator...
10.... also remove the plug.
11. Turn off three nuts of fastening of a plastic casing of the generator...
12.... also remove a casing.
13. Turn off two nuts of fastening of the case of the regulator of tension...
14.... the screw of fastening of the plug of the regulator to the tire "D+" of the vypryamitelny block...
15.... also remove tension regulator from the generator.

So tension regulator removed from the car assembled with the brush holder looks.

16. Check ease of movement of brushes in the brush holder and their vystupaniye. If brushes act from the brush holder less than on 5 mm, replace tension regulator with the brush holder.
17. Install tension regulator as it should be, the return to removal.