10.5.1. Features of a design

Install a starter of fashion on the Lada Priora cars. 2111.3708010-01.

Fig. 10.3. Scheme of inclusion of a starter: 1 – starter; 2 – assembly block; 3 – switch (lock) of ignition; 4 – rechargeable battery; And – to the main relay, a conclusion "30"; In – to contact of "50" EBU; With – to the main unit of safety locks (F3); K3 – the relay of inclusion of a starter

The scheme of inclusion of a starter is shown in fig. 10.3.

Technical characteristic of a starter of fashion. 2111.3708010–01
Rated voltage, In..... 12
Rated power, kW..... 1,2
The consumed current, And:
at the maximum power..... 375
in the slowed-down state, no more..... 700
idling..... 80
The consumed current of the traction relay, And:
the involving winding..... 43
the holding winding..... 12
Drive gear wheel:
number of teeths..... 9
module, mm..... 2,116
corner of an initial contour, hail..... 12

The starter 2111.3708010-01 with excitement from permanent magnets represents the electric motor of a direct current with the electromagnetic dvukhobmotochny traction relay and the coupling of a free wheeling. The starter is calculated on operation in the conditions of temperate and tropical climate.
Starter operating mode short-term, lasting up to 10 pages. At a negative temperature work duration to 15 pages is allowed. The starter eats from the rechargeable battery with a capacity of 55 And · h. It treats the restored, served products.

Useful tips
To avoid many malfunctions of a starter, follow a number of simple rules at its operation:
– at launch of the engine include a starter no more than on 10-15 with and repeatedly — through 20–30 pages. Continuous long work of a starter can lead to an overheat. If after three attempts the engine is not launched, then it is necessary to check and eliminate malfunctions in a power supply system of the engine or in system of ignition;
– after launch of the engine immediately switch off a starter as long rotation of a gear wheel of the drive a flywheel can lead to damage of the coupling of a free wheeling of a starter;
– it is not allowed to move the car by means of a starter as it causes its considerable overload and damage.