10.7.1. Features of a design

On the Lada Priora cars the electronic control system of the engine (ECSE) with an electronic control unit (EBU) 21126-1411020-10 (-11 or-12) of the Bosch M type 7.9.7 is installed (Bosch M 10 or "January-7" respectively). In engines the system of the consecutive distributed fuel injection (with the phased injection) with feedback is applied. This system working together with converter of the fulfilled gases and system of catching of vapors of fuel provides performance of norms of Euro-3 and Euro-4 at preservation of high dynamic qualities and low fuel consumption.
The electric circuit of system of injection of fuel is provided in the end of the book.

1. Before removing any ESUD hubs, disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Do not launch the engine if tips of wires on the rechargeable battery are badly tightened.
3. Never disconnect the rechargeable battery from onboard network of the car at the working engine.
4. At charging disconnect the rechargeable battery it from onboard network of the car.
5. Do not subject EBU to temperature above 65 °C in working order and above 80 °C in non-working (for example, in the drying camera). If this temperature is exceeded, it is necessary to remove EBU from the car.
6. Do not disconnect from EBU and do not attach to it sockets of a plait of wires at the included ignition.
7. Before carrying out arc welding on the car disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery and sockets of wires from EBU.
8. Carry out all voltage measurements the digital voltmeter which internal resistance not less than 10 megohms.