10.8. System of ignition

Removal and installation of coils of ignition

In system of ignition the traditional distributor is not used...
... here individual coils of ignition are used.
In system of ignition there are no mobile details therefore it does not demand service and does not need adjustments.
In system of ignition apply candles of the AU17DVRM type or their foreign analogs (see the appendix 5).
In system of ignition distribution and the moment of emergence of a spark in cylinders are monitored by EBU. Sparking happens consistently in those cylinders in which the step of compression comes to an end and, respectively, the order 1–3–4–2 is observed. Sensors of situation cranked and camshafts give pulse "basic" signals on the basis of which EBU counts the sequence of operation of coils of ignition in EBU. For exact management of ignition of EBU uses the following information:
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft;
– engine loading (mass consumption of air);
– temperature of cooling liquid;
– provision of a bent shaft;
– position of camshafts;
– existence of a detonation.