10.9.11. Check and replacement of understeering switches

The knot of understeering switches consists of the connector fixed by a collar on an arm of a shaft of the steering mechanism, and two switches with levers. The left switch includes indexes of turn and switches light of headlights, right — operates a washer and screenwash, and also the route computer in a combination of devices.
Switches are fixed in a connector by latches.

Fig. 10.8. Provisions of levers of understeering switches

Provisions of levers of switches are shown on fig. 10.8 closed at the same time contacts given in tab. 10.7.

Table 10.7 the Contacts closed at various provisions of understeering switches
* Unstable provisions of levers.

Numbers of contacts of the switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights

Numbers of contacts of the switch of a screen wiper and windscreen washer

You will need a tester.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove a casing of a steering column (see. "Removal and installation of facing casings of a steering column").
3. Remove a steering wheel (see. "Removal and installation of a steering wheel").
4. Disconnect blocks with wires from the left understeering switch …
5. … from a block of control of the route computer …
6. … and from the right understeering switch.
7. Squeeze plastic clamps of the left understeering switch from two parties …
8. … also take the switch from a connector.
9. Similarly take the right understeering switch.
10. For check of switches connect a control lamp of 12 V to the corresponding contacts specified in tab. 10.7 (check of inclusion of the left index of turn is shown here). Transfer the switch lever to the situation corresponding to the checked contacts — the lamp has to light up. Otherwise the switch is faulty.
11. Install understeering switches as it should be, the return to removal.