11.17.1. Features of a design

Fig. 11.4. System of ventilation and heating of interior of the car: 1 – left side nozzle of ventilation; 2 – left air duct of ventilation; 3 – nozzle of heating of side glass; 4 – airheating distributor; 5 – heater; 6 – right air duct of ventilation; 7 – right side nozzle of ventilation; 8 – air duct of heating of legs; 9 – air duct of heating of salon; 10 – central nozzle of ventilation

On the car the heater of 5 (fig. 11.4) of liquid type integrated with the engine cooling system is established.
Basic elements of a heater:
– the heater heat exchanger (radiator) intended for heating of the air coming to salon by heat of the liquid cooling the engine;
– the fan with the electric drive (supercharger) providing adjustable supply of external air to heater gates;
– the gate of the regulator of air temperature coming from a heater to salon on which position the amount of the air passing through the heater heat exchanger and the external air passing bypassing the heat exchanger depends;
– distributor gates 4 airheatings which distribute the air coming to salon from a heater on air ducts 2, 6, 8 and 9 or for an obduv of a windshield.