11.17.2. Removal and installation of a heater

It will be required to you: a key "on 8", face keys (head) "on 10", "on 13", the screw-driver with a crosswise edge, bokoreza.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove overlays of a frame of a windshield (see. "Removal and installation of overlays of a frame of a windshield") and a noise-insulating upholstery of a motor compartment (see. "Removal and installation of a noise-insulating upholstery of a motor compartment").
3. Weaken an inhaling of collars …
4. … also disconnect hoses from heater radiator branch pipes.

Useful tips
At a detachment of hoses will pour out a little cooling liquid.
Substitute capacity under radiator branch pipes for collecting the spilled liquid.
Muffle branch pipes of a radiator and hoses right after a detachment of hoses.

5. Wring out a clamp …
6. … also separate a block of a plait of wires of the electric fan of a heater.
7. Disconnect a block of a plait of wires from the additional resistor.
8. Have a bite a collar of fastening of a plait of wires to a heater.
9. Disconnect a block of a plait of wires from a heater gate drive micromotor-reducer.
10. Turn off a face key "on 10" three nuts and turn out a key "on 8" the screw of fastening of a heater.
11. Remove and take aside the holder of a plait of wires together with a plait.
12. Under the dashboard a face key "on 13" turn off four nuts of fastening of an arm of a pedal of a brake and displace an arm assembled to the left.
13. Remove a heater from the car.
It is possible to remove a heater and without shifting a brake pedal arm. For this purpose execute the following.
14. Turn out three screws connecting parts of the case of a heater.
15. Separate the heater case …
16. … also remove from the car at first left …
17. … and then right speak rapidly heater cases.
18. Establish a heater as it should be, the return to removal.
19. In case of need add cooling liquid. Check tightness of connections of hoses and work of a heater.