11.20.1. Polishing of a paint and varnish covering

Brake fluid, electrolyte, alkalis, solution of soda destroy a paint and varnish covering. At hit of these substances immediately wash out and wipe a body with a pure rag.

Good advice
You do not store the car under the rubberized cover and do not put rubber objects on the painted body surfaces: they leave on a paint and varnish covering (especially light) dark stains which are not removed polishing.

For preservation of a paint and varnish covering of a body and contents it in good shape a long time it is necessary to select the polishing means corresponding to a condition of a covering. Observe recommendations about their application. In the first 2–3 months of operation of the car wash a body covering with cold water. For polishing of a new covering (up to 3 years) use bezabrazivny polishing means for new coverings.
At operation of the car from 3 to 5 years use the autopolishes for weather-beaten coverings incorporating a small amount of abrasive substances. After 5 years of intensive operation apply autopolishes to old coverings. In order to avoid drying полироля polish a body with small sites manually a pure flannel. It is possible to apply polishing PMA-1 or PMA-2 pastes, and also foreign analogs to elimination of minor defects of a paint and varnish covering. It is possible to polish manually and mechanically flannel or beaver-lamb circles. Before application mix paste, at solidification dilute with water. After polishing wipe a surface with a pure flannel.