11.9.1. Removal and installation of a cowl

Good advice
Cowl quite heavy and bulky therefore we recommend to remove it with the assistant.

If the cowl is not supposed to be replaced, for simplification of its further installation it is recommended to mark the provision of washers concerning cowl loops. The noise isolation, rubber buffers and a safety hook in this case should not be removed from it.
It will be required to you: keys "on 10", "on 13", the screw-driver with a flat edge, bokoreza.
1. Open a cowl and remove from it a safety hook, having turned off a key "on 10" two nuts of its fastening.
2. Turn out two rubber buffers.
3. Having hooked the screw-driver, take out nineteen plastic percussion caps of fastening of a noise isolation of a cowl and remove a noise isolation.

Percussion caps of fastening of a noise isolation are so located.

4. Cut a collar of the holder of a hose of a washer of a windshield …
5. … also remove the holder.
6. Disconnect a windshield washer hose from the washer pump.
7. Turn off on two nuts of fastening of a cowl on both loops. At the same time the assistant has to hold a cowl. Pay attention that under nuts spring washers are established.
8. Together with the assistant bring hairpins on a cowl out of openings in loops and remove a cowl.
9. Establish a new cowl on loops. Adjustment of provision of a cowl is carried out at the expense of the increased openings in loops. Therefore before a final inhaling of nuts of fastening cover a cowl and move it so that the forward edge of a cowl was aflush with facing of a radiator. Carefully open a cowl and finally tighten its nuts of fastening. Establish on a cowl a noise isolation, rubber buffers and a safety hook as it should be, the return to removal.
10. Adjustment of a cowl on height is carried out by a reversing or a wraparound of rubber buffers. At the correct adjustment gaps between a cowl and forward wings are identical and uniform on both sides.
11. Check ease of opening and reliability of locking of the lock of a cowl, if necessary adjust position of the lock (see. "Adjustment of position of the lock of a cowl").