12.2. Appendix 2. Fuels and lubricants and operational liquids

1. At a low negative temperature of air it is necessary to apply gasolines of the corresponding classes of an evaporability depending on the climatic area to ensuring launch of the engine and operation of the car. Requirements for classes of an evaporability and seasonal use of gasolines for various regions of the Russian Federation are stated in the corresponding standards on fuels for internal combustion engines.
2. Use of gasolines with metallorganichesky anti-detonators on the basis of lead, iron, manganese and other metals is not allowed.
3. Use of the multipurpose additives providing protection of details of fuel feeding and the engine against corrosion, deposits and a deposit is allowed. Such additives have to be entered into composition of commodity gasoline by the company – producer of gasoline.
It is not recommended to add secondary additives independently.

1. The recommended ranges of temperature of use of engine oils:
0W-30 …. from –35 and up to +25 °C below
0W-40 …. from –35 and up to +30 °C below
5W-30 …. from-30 to +20 °C
10W-30 …. from-25 to +30 °C
10W-40 …. from-25 to +35 °C
15W-30 …. from-25 to +45 °C
15W-40 …. from-20 to +45 °C
20W-30 …. from-20 to +45 °C
20W-40 …. from-15 to +45 °C
30W-40 …. from-5 to +45 °C
2. The recommended ranges of temperature of use of gearbox oils:
75W-80 …. from-40 to +35 °C
75W-90 …. from-40 to +45 °C
80W-85 … … from-26 to +35 °C
80W-90 …... from-26 to +45 °C
85W-90 …. from-12 to +45 °C