2.1.4. Going to a long journey

In a long journey, especially if a route unfamiliar, it is necessary to count only on himself and spare parts in a luggage carrier. The full list of necessary spare parts, tools and expendables which can be useful is given below. You can change it for own reasons, reduce or increase. But even if you are not able to repair the car at all, do not reduce the number of spare parts or tools. In emergency situation it is possible to stop, of course, the passing car, to address on any motor depot or to roadside car service, but this spare part or the tool it can not appear there, and in shop of spare parts — day off.
Going to a long journey, in addition take the following.
1. Additional tool kit:
– big hammer;
– screw-drivers with flat and a crosswise edge of three sizes — small, average and big (power);
– chisel;
– a set of heads from "8" to "32" with mm extenders 125 and 250, a neck, graggers and Cardan (domestic, European or American production);
– a key for pumping of brakes and a thin hose 15-20 cm long;
– core;
– hacksaw;
– a file with a notch of the average size;
– additional assembly shovel;
– hank of a knitting wire;
– a piece of a dense cardboard for production of laying;
– several screw collars of different diameter;
– piece of an emery cloth.
2. A support under a jack — wooden whetstone of 40х250х250 mm, a support (trestle type) for work under the car.
3. A canister of engine oil (in packing of 1 or 4 l). And on 1000 km of a run for the new, not passed a running in car take 4 l, for last 50 000 km – 1 l which passed 100 000 km – 2 l, with a run over 100 000 km – 4 l.
4. A canister of cooling liquid of 1 l (in the winter – 5 l).
5. Liquid for a dolivka in the hydraulic booster of steering – 1 l.
6. Oil for a dolivka in the transmission – 1 l.
7. Bottle of brake fluid.
8. Litol-24 lubricant tube.
9. A canister with gasoline – 10 l.
10. A hose for a gasoline modulation.
11. Additive in fuel for increase in octane number (at the rate on two full gas stations).
12. Means for removal of bituminous spots from a body.
13. Means for removal from a windshield of the stuck insects.
14. Special set for repair of tubeless tires without razbortovka or sealant for wheels.
15. At least one brush of a screen wiper.
16. The ignition module on one cylinder.
17. The checked thermostat.
18. Maslobenzostoyky sealant.
19. Ремкомплект for repair of the muffler.
20. A set of spare lamps (a half of all lamps established on the car except for repeating).
21. New brake shoes (on two pieces for disk and drum brakes).
22. A set of coupling springs of blocks of drum brakes (on one brake mechanism).
23. Brake hoses (on the car there are hoses of the different sizes, to have on one each size).
24. Couple of bolts of fastening of wheels.
25. A box with bolts, nuts and washers (on two-three pieces from M5 to M10).
26. In the winter — defroster of glasses and "a liquid key" for locks.
27. In the winter — chains of antisliding or a sack of sand.
28. A wide transparent adhesive tape (for repair of hoses and the broken glasses).
29. A lamp on batteries or accumulators and a spare set of batteries to it.
30. A roulette (can be useful in case of road accident).
31. Box of matches, hatchet.
32. Strong rope or cord.
33. Cotton working gloves.
34. Something from working clothes.
35. Means for cleaning of hands.
36. A rug for work under car.
37. Soft pencil, several sheets of paper or notebook.