3.1.2. Malfunctions in system of start-up

Malfunctions in system of start-up are shown in abnormal work of a starter. It is possible to mark out five main malfunctions of a starter.
1. The starter does not join. The reason — violation of contact connections, break or short circuit in chains of inclusion of a starter, malfunction of the traction relay.
2. At inclusion of a starter repeated clicks are heard. The reason — malfunction of the holding winding of the traction relay, is strongly discharged the rechargeable battery, contact connections in a starter chain are weakened.
3. The starter joins, but its anchor either does not rotate, or rotates slowly. The reason — is discharged the rechargeable battery, violation of contact connections, a podgoraniye of contacts of the traction relay, pollution of a collector or wear of brushes, mezhvitkovy or short circuit in windings.
4. The starter joins, its anchor rotates, but the flywheel remains motionless. The reason — weakening of fastening of a starter to a coupling case, damage of teeths of a flywheel or gear wheel of the drive, pro-slipping of the coupling of a free wheeling of the drive, breakage of the lever, a flood ring or buffer spring of the drive of a starter.
5. The starter is not switched off after launch of the engine. The reason — malfunction of the coupling of a free wheeling of a starter, agglomeration of contacts of the traction relay. In case of such malfunction immediately stop the engine!
The specified malfunctions demand the qualified intervention in car service or after arrival to a garage (see section 10 "Electric equipment", page 207). It is only previously possible to check degree of a razryazhennost of the rechargeable battery by means of the indicator which is built in it, and at its absence an automobile tester in the voltmeter mode, having connected it to battery conclusions, and also an inhaling of contact connections of a chain of a starter.