3.1.4. Check of a power supply system of the engine

The main indicator of serviceability of a power supply system of the engine is fuel pressure in a fuel stage. But for a start we recommend to check a condition of the air filter (see. "Removal and installation of the air filter") as work this simple will also not take a lot of time. After you are convinced of purity of the air filter, check reliability of electric contacts in blocks with wires of the knots of system of injection which are responsible for fuel supply (an electrogasoline pump, nozzles).
For check of pressure in a fuel stage use the manometer with the rubber hose suitable on diameter the test union on a fuel stage.
1. Include ignition and listen: within several seconds you have to hear a sound of work of an electrogasoline pump. If it it is not heard, check an electric power-supply circuit of an electrogasoline pump.
2. Check pressure in a fuel supply system, having connected the manometer to the union on a fuel stage in podkapotny space (see. "Check of pressure of fuel in an engine power supply system").
The following reasons of pressure decrease are possible:
– the fuel pressure regulator is faulty. The regulator is located in the module of the fuel pump;
– the fuel filter is littered;
– the fuel pump is faulty.
Ways of elimination of these malfunctions you will find "Engine" in section 5 (see. "Engine power supply system").