3.11. Launch of the engine from external sources of current

If you need to launch the engine, and the battery is discharged, execute the following.
1. Connect (strictly in the specified sequence) a special wire the plus plug of the discharged rechargeable battery to the plus plug of the external battery.
2. The second wire connect the minus plug of the external battery to "mass" of the car (it is desirable in a point, the closest to a starter). You carry out a detachment of wires in the return sequence.

Before connection of the external rechargeable battery be convinced that ignition is switched off. Switch off also all consumers of the electric power (headlights, the autoradio tape recorder, screen wipers, etc.).
At connection and a detachment of wires do not allow their mutual contact, and also contact of wires with fans, driving belts or other rotating details.
Do not disconnect a wire of the external rechargeable battery before the engine does not begin to work at normal turns of idling.