3.7. The engine decayed during the movement

Sooner or later each driver can get into a situation when the car several moments ago submitting to all teams suddenly ceases to react to pressing of a pedal of an accelerator, and on the dashboard red sparks light up. The engine ceased to work, the car loses speed. What to do in such situation?
The most important — be not nervous! Turn on the alarm system, squeeze out a pedal of coupling and, using inertia of the car, try to move carefully to the region of the carriageway and to stop as it is possible more to the right at a roadside and if it is possible, then outside the carriageway.

Consider that at the idle engine efficiency of the brake system of the car decreases therefore for braking the bigger effort on a brake pedal can be required.

Turn on the parking brake. If the car stopped on a bias, use an antiretractable emphasis. In difficult traffic conditions and on country roads expose a sign of an emergency stop as it is provided by Traffic regulations. Now it is necessary to find out and eliminate the arisen malfunction.
There are two main reasons:
– the system of ignition does not work;
– the power supply system does not work.
For a start define whether there is a gasoline in a tank. Include ignition and look at the index of level of fuel. If the yellow alarm lamp of a reserve of fuel does not burn, and the arrow of the index shows fuel availability, it is possible to assume that gasoline in a tank is.
Open a cowl and attentively examine podkapotny space. Pay attention to an integrity of all units. Check, whether on the place all wires whether is not present torn off, fused, with the damaged isolation. Examine petrol hoses, a fuel-supply line of the engine and the fuel filter (it is established under the car bottom near a back part of the right threshold of a body) – whether there are no gasoline potek.

If gasoline leaks, do not launch the engine before full elimination of malfunction at all!

Examine a broad tank of the cooling system — whether cooling liquid flowed out. Check also oil level in an engine case. If everything is all right, start the check of systems of ignition and food described earlier, but previously check a condition of a belt of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism. At the torn-off belt the engine will not be launched without the visible reasons.