4.1. General provisions

Safety regulations

It is necessary to make service and car repairs during the guarantee period only at the dealer service stations (SS) with an obligatory mark about work in coupons of the service book, otherwise you lose a guarantee for the car.
For maintenance of the car in operating state we recommend and upon termination of the guarantee period all complex works on the maintenance (M) to carry out on dealer HUNDRED.
All carried-out works on THAT the car are presented in this section in four groups: control осмотровые, diagnostic, lubricant and filling and repair and adjusting. Detailed distribution of works on servicing depending on a run of the car is given in the service book enclosed to the car and to tab. 4.1. Now such technological scheme considering standard practices of details, knots, units and technical liquids of the car according to recommendations of manufacturer is applied on dealer HUNDRED. Do not skirt deadlines of carrying out control осмотровых (diagnostic) and scheduled works. You carry out all works in full.

Table 4.1 Regulations of Maintenance
Note. When carrying out control осмотровых and diagnostic works all found malfunctions need to be eliminated.
* Or in 5 years (depending on what will come earlier).
** Or in 3 years (depending on what will come earlier).