4.2.11. Check of tightness of fuel-supply lines

To prevent sudden failure of the power supply system of the engine, at each maintenance carefully check a condition of all pressure head fuel-supply lines, their connections and the place of fastening to the car bottom. Replace fuel-supply lines new if the slightest doubt in their suitability appeared.
Check tightness external examination:
– from below the car (on the elevator or an osmotrovy ditch);
– in interior of the car;
– from above from under a cowl.
1. Examine connections of fuel-supply lines with the filter of thin purification of fuel …
2. … connections of the airtaking-away hose …
3. … hose of a bulk mouth and steam discharge tube.
4. Check fastening of pipelines …
5. … and steam discharge tubes in holders. Easing or breakage of holders leads to vibration and, as a result, to breakage of pipelines. At detection of cracks, attritions or potek of fuel replace the damaged fuel-supply lines. Replace the damaged fastenings.
6. Remove the hatch of the module of a gasoline pump and check tightness of the connections noted by shooters. At detection of dribble of fuel replace sealing rings of tips of hoses.
7. Examine in a motor compartment on both sides of the place of connections of a flexible hose with fuel-supply lines …
8. … and a fuel-supply line with a fuel stage.
9. Check tightness of the valve of Schröder for measurement of pressure in a fuel stage. At detection of dribble of fuel replace a zolotnik in the valve.