4.2.8. Survey and check of steering on the car

At each maintenance check a condition of steering on which traffic safety depends.
Check from below the car installed on an osmotrovy ditch (forward wheels have to be loaded with car weight):
– condition of protective caps and cover of the steering mechanism, protective covers of tips of steering drafts (external examination);
– axial movement of tips of steering drafts concerning fingers;
– a free wheeling (side play) in spherical hinges.
Check an arrangement of spokes of a steering wheel which at the provision of forward wheels corresponding to the rectilinear movement of the car have to be symmetrized rather vertical axis. Otherwise define a cause of defect and eliminate it.
Turning a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop, check visually and aurally:
– reliability of fastening of the steering mechanism and steering wheel;
– lack of a gap in rubber-metal hinges, in hinges of steering drafts, in rivet and shlitsevy connections of the elastic coupling of a shaft of a wheel;
– reliability of an inhaling of bolts of fastening of thirsts for the steering mechanism;
– reliability of an inhaling of nuts of fingers of hinges of external tips of steering drafts;
– lack of the jammings and hindrances interfering turn of a steering wheel.
Possible refusals and malfunctions of steering, their reason and ways of elimination are described in section 8 "Steering".