4.3.5. Check of level and a dolivka of oil in the transmission

It will be required to you: gearbox oil, the syringe for gas station of units of transmission, a pure rag.

Apply the gearbox oils recommended by manufacturer to the transmission (see the appendix 2).

1. Take out the index (probe) …
2. … wipe it with a pure rag and again insert into place.
3. Repeatedly take out the index. Level of an oil film has to be between the top and lower tags. If the level of oil borders on the lower tag or below it...
4. … insert the syringe into an opening for the index (probe) and add necessary amount of oil, controlling its level by means of the index.

Useful tips
Fill in in the transmission oil to the top tag of the index. It will provide the best operating conditions of the bearing of a gear wheel of the fifth transfer located highly in a case and greased only by spraying.
For filling of oil in the transmission it is convenient to use a funnel with a rubber hose of suitable diameter.

5. Insert the index into a transmission case opening against the stop.