4.4.1. Diagnostics of an electronic control system of the engine

For failure prevention the built-in diagnosing is provided in the electronic control systems of the engine (ECSE) on cars. The controller, or the electronic control unit (ECU), fixes deviations in operation of the engine on signals of sensors and registers mistakes.
At emergence of a mistake in the left corner of a combination of devices the alarm lamp "lights up CHECK the ENGINE".
For maintenance at the high level of fuel profitability, ecological safety and dynamic characteristics of the car the manufacturer recommends to carry out diagnostics of ESUD each 15 thousand km at the next maintenance.
Control is exercised by means of connection of the special diagnostic equipment (the scanner, the motor tester) to a block of diagnostics located behind a ware box. This type of operation is carried out irrespective of, lights up or not an alarm lamp "CHECK the ENGINE" in a combination of devices. The detailed description of work of ESUD see in the subsection "Electronic Control System of the Engine".

Good advice
Within several days before carrying out maintenance do not disconnect the rechargeable battery and do not disconnect EBU sockets as from memory of EBU codes of malfunctions can be erased and, therefore, the carried-out diagnostic works will be incorrect.