4.4.3. Check of the parking brake

According to manufacturer, the course of the lever parking has to make:
– at adjustment 2–4 clicks;
– in operation of 2-8 clicks.
The parking brake has to hold the car on a bias of 25% when moving the lever in interior of the car on 5–8 teeth (clicks) of the ratchet device.
1. For check of correctness of adjustment of the parking brake find near the parking lot of your car a platform or a loading ramp height of N = 1,25 m with a length of entrance of L = 5 m. Such ratio corresponds to a bias of 25%.
2. In the absence of such ramp for the simplified check of the parking brake install the car on the flat platform. Install the lever of gear shifting in neutral situation, lift completely the lever of the parking brake. Go out of the car and try to get moving forward it. If you managed it, it is necessary to adjust the drive of the parking brake urgently (see. "Check and adjustment of the drive of the parking brake").