4.5.11. Replacement and service of spark plugs

According to recommendations of manufacturer of a spark plug of usual type it is necessary to replace through each 30 000 km of a run. Candles with a platinum or iridic covering of electrodes should be replaced through 60 000 km of a run. The types of candles recommended by the plant for use are given in the appendix 5.
It will be required to you: a key "on 10", a special candle key "on 16", the special probe.

The candle key has to be surely supplied with the rubber plug or a magnetic insert for keeping of a candle, otherwise it will be quite difficult to take a candle from a candle well.

1. Open a cowl and remove a decorative casing of the engine (see. "Removal and installation of a decorative casing of the engine").
2. Wring out a clamp …
3. … also disconnect a block of a plait of wires from the ignition module.
4. Turn out a bolt of fastening of the module of ignition to a block head cover …
5. … also take the ignition module from a candle well.
6. Turn out a special key a candle …
7. … also take out it from a candle well.

Good advice
If it is not possible to take a candle a key, it is possible to make it by means of the ignition module, having put on its tip the isolation center of a candle and having taken out them from a candle well.

Examine a candle and estimate its condition on appearance (see. "Diagnostics of a condition of the engine on appearance of spark plugs").

8. Clear a candle of pollution, using the sanding device with fine-grained abrasive material.

It is impossible to brush candles rigid metal in order to avoid emergence on the ceramic insulator of the central electrode of the fine metal dust provoking leakage of a spark.

9. Check the round probe a gap between candle electrodes (see the appendix 4).
10. If the gap differs from the recommended value, adjust it, turning in a side electrode in big …
11. … or smaller party.

Regulate a gap only a podgibaniye of a side electrode. Any bend of the central electrode will lead to breakage of the insulator of a candle.

12. At installation of spark plugs screw them at first a hand (without neck), and then tighten a key. Do not exceed the inhaling moment specified in the appendix 1.