4.5.14. Check and adjustment of the drive of switching off of coupling

The coupling switching off drive bezzazorny, i.e. gaps in the drive are absent. The cable of the drive is supplied with the mechanism of ratchet type for compensation of its length operation time at wear of overlays of the conducted disk therefore adjustment of the drive of coupling in operation is not required.
However according to the recommendation of manufacturer during each maintenance it is necessary to control the course of a pedal of coupling and at the same time gear shifting clearness.
1. Establish a cable of the drive of switching off of coupling in a starting position for what, overcoming effort of a spring of the mechanism, move the lower tip of a cable in the direction of the movement of the car against the stop forward. Holding a tip in the extended situation, measure the size L between a fork and a lead, it has to make 27 mm. If the size does not correspond to the specified value, establish it by rotation of a lead in the necessary party.
2. Enter a cable tip into a groove of a fork of switching off of coupling and release it. Under the influence of a spring the lead of a tip has to be established on a fork without gap.

Before installation of a lead of a tip on a fork apply on its surface contacting to a fork, LSTs-15 or Litol-24 lubricant.

3. Press a coupling pedal three times against the stop and repeatedly measure distance of L (see item 1). In case of need repeat adjustment.