4.5.16. Clearing of drainage openings of a body

During operation in cavities of thresholds and doors the moisture causing corrosion accumulates. This moisture is removed through the drainage openings located from below thresholds and doors. Drainage openings are constantly hammered with dirt therefore their annual cleaning is recommended. At operation of the car on country roads you perform this operation more often.

Good advice
Clean drainage openings before a wash of the car.

You will need the screw-driver or a wire.

Perform work from below the car. For descriptive reasons work was carried out on the car installed on the elevator.

So clean openings the screw-driver suitable by the size.
Drainage openings are located in the following places.
Doors — on eight openings in lobbies …
… and on six openings in back doors.
Thresholds — on six openings from each party.

Drainage openings are symmetrized rather longitudinal axis of the car.