4.5.3. Replacement of oil in the engine and an oil filter

According to the recommendation of manufacturer oil in the engine and an oil filter should be replaced through 15 thousand km of a run or 1 year of operation (depending on what will come earlier). The volume of the oil which is filled in in the engine makes 3,5 l.

Good advice
Under trying conditions operation in the large city or strongly dusty area replace oil and the filter through each 10 thousand km.

It will be required to you: engine oil, an oil filter, a pure rag, capacity for the merged oil with a capacity about 5 l, a key "on 17", a special key for an otvorachivaniye of an oil filter.

Useful tips
Merge oil after a trip until the engine cooled down yet. If the engine cold, launch and warm up it up to the working temperature.
Fill in oil of the same brand, as at oil which was in the engine. If all of you decided to replace oil brand, wash out the lubrication system flushing oil or oil of that brand which will be used. For this purpose after discharge of old oil fill in new oil to the lower tag on the index of level of oil (probe). Launch the engine and let's it work 10 min. idling. Merge oil and only after that replace an oil filter. Now you can fill in new oil to the required level (the top tag on the probe).

Do not merge the fulfilled oil on the earth.

1. Install the car on an osmotrovy ditch or the elevator.
2. Open a cowl and turn out a stopper of an oil-filling mouth. Remove an engine mudguard (see. "Removal and installation of a mudguard of the engine").
3. Clear a stopper of a masloslivny opening on an oil case of the engine a metal brush, and then a rag. Weaken an inhaling of a stopper of a masloslivny opening.
4. Turn out finally a stopper of a masloslivny opening, previously having substituted capacity for the merged oil, and merge oil. For convenience it is possible to use the funnel or a mouth which is cut off from a plastic bottle.

Be careful: the merged engine oil is hotter.

5. Wrap a stopper.
6. Shift a special key from the place an oil filter and remove it.

Useful tips
For an otvorachivaniye of an oil filter use a special key. If there is no such key or a similar stripper, punch the filter case the screw-driver and, using it as the lever, unscrew the filter. Punch the filter as it is possible closer to a bottom not to damage the union. It is possible to use also the strip of a rough emery paper curtailed twice, having wrapped up it the filter and having shifted it from the place hands.

7. Fill the new filter with pure engine oil approximately on 2/3 volumes …

It is required to fill in oil in the filter in order that at the first launch of the engine after replacement of oil oil channels were quicker filled, and as smaller time is possible for a detail of the drive of valves worked in the conditions of oil hunger.

8. … also oil pure engine a sealing ring if it is not processed by the manufacturer jellied lubricant or talc.
9. Wrap the filter into place hands on 3/4 turns from the moment of contact of a ring and a flange of the block of cylinders.
10. Turn off a carving stopper of an oil-filling mouth and fill in pure oil (see. "Check of level and dolivka of oil in the engine lubrication system"). Establish into place a stopper of an oil-filling mouth.
11. Launch the engine and let's it work several minutes idling (the alarm lamp of emergency pressure drop of oil has to go out through 2–3 from later launch of the engine).
12. In operating time of the engine check whether oil from under a stopper of a drain opening leaks …
13. … and oil filter. Stop the engine, check oil level, if necessary bring it to norm (see. "Check of level and dolivka of oil in the engine lubrication system"), tighten a stopper of a drain opening and the filter.

14. Establish an engine mudguard.