4.5.6. Replacement of oil in the transmission

The manufacturer recommends to replace oil in the transmission through 75 thousand km of a run or once in 5 years (depending on what will come earlier).

Good advice
It is recommended to merge oil within 15 min. after a trip until it cooled down and has good fluidity.

It will be required to you: a key "on 17", gearbox oil, the syringe for gas station of units of transmission or the device manufactured by own forces, wide capacity for oil discharge, a pure rag.

Good advice
For filling of oil in the transmission it is convenient to use a funnel with a rubber hose of suitable diameter.

Fill in gearbox oils of the KP TRANCE group in the transmission. The oils recommended by manufacturer are listed in the appendix 2.

1. Install the car on an osmotrovy ditch or the elevator. Remove an engine mudguard (see. "Removal and installation of a mudguard of the engine").
2. Establish under the transmission capacity for oil discharge, turn out a stopper of a drain opening …
3. … also merge oil.
4. Clear a stopper of a drain opening of pollution and metal particles and wrap it.
5. At strongly polluted merged oil or availability in it of mechanical impurity wash out the transmission:
– fill in 1,3 l of flushing oil in a case and establish a stopper of an oil-filling opening into place;
– you will hang out one or both forward wheels, include the first transfer and launch the engine for 2–3 min.;
– merge flushing oil;
– wipe a stopper of a masloslivny opening and establish it into place.
6. Take out the index of level of oil …
7. … also fill in fresh oil in a transmission case …
8. … to the level of a tag "max" (the top tag) on the index (3,1 l).
9. Insert the index into a transmission case opening against the stop.
10. Establish an engine mudguard.