4.5.9. Replacement of the fuel filter

The manufacturer recommends to replace the filter of thin purification of fuel through each 30 000 km of a run. However its state depends on quality of gasoline: the gasoline is dirtier, the filter gets littered quicker. Breakthroughs at the movement of the car at first on high, and then and at the lowered speeds with a high probability testify to a filter contamination. Reduction of capacity of the filter is demonstrated also by the increased electrogasoline pump noise level.
The fuel filter is installed from below in the arm fixed on the fuel tank therefore it is more convenient to work at the car installed on the elevator or an osmotrovy ditch.
You will need a key "on 10".
1. Reduce pressure in a fuel supply system (see. "Pressure decrease of fuel in an engine power supply system").
2. Having wrung out a spring clamp …
3. … disconnect from the union of the fuel filter a tip of a fuel tube on the one hand …
4. … and, having squeezed plastic clamps from two parties …
5. … disconnect from the second union of the fuel filter a tip of the second fuel tube on the other hand.

Substitute under tips capacity for the following gasoline.

6. Check a condition of sealing rings in tips of tubes. Replace the rings torn or lost elasticity.

Good advice
Sealing rings are located deeply in tips. Besides, tips are made of quite fragile plastic therefore sometimes in attempt of extraction of sealing rings they break. Therefore we recommend to replace at violation of tightness of sealing rings tubes assembled with tips.

7. Weaken an inhaling of a coupling bolt of an arm of fastening of the fuel filter …
8. … also take the filter from an arm.

Buy the new filter just the same as former (pay attention to marking) as on sale there are filters to various designs of unions for connection of hoses.

9. Install the new fuel filter as it should be, the return to removal so that the arrow on its case was directed in the direction of a stream of fuel. Connect tips of fuel hoses to the filter the movement along unions to a zashchelkivaniye of spring clamps.

After installation of the fuel filter surely check at the working engine lack of leak of gasoline in connections of the fuel filter with fuel tubes and if necessary repeat operation of connection of tubes before their reliable fixing. If after that leaks from connections are not eliminated, replace sealing rubber rings of tips of fuel tubes. It should be noted that tips of tubes are quite fragile and in attempt of extraction from them sealing rings sometimes break. Therefore we recommend to replace for elimination of a leak of fuel hoses assembled.