5.10. Features of dismantling of the engine

Before dismantling the engine needs to be cleared carefully of pollution, to install on the stand or a support (the engine has to stand steadily). For dismantling use the corresponding tools (wrenches, strippers and so forth). At assembly all details which were not exposed to repair or replacement should be established on the places where they were earned extra. For this purpose when dismantling it is necessary to mark them in any way which does not spoil a detail. At repair the razukomplektation of a cover of rods with rods, covers of radical bearings with the block of cylinders, covers of support of camshafts with a block head as these details process assembled is forbidden. The bent shaft, a flywheel and coupling can be razukomplektovat as these details are balanced separately. The case of coupling and the block of cylinders can also be razukomplektovat: they are processed separately.