5.16.1. Features of a design

Fig. 5.15. Lubrication system: 1 – oil filter; 2 – union of an oil filter; 3 – reducing valve; 4 – oil probe; 5 – cover of a head of the block of tsilindor; 6 – stopper of a maslozalivny mouth; 7 – sensor of an alarm lamp of an avariynogopadeniye of pressure of oil; 8 – the directing tube of the oil probe; 9 – oil receiver; 10 – case of the oil pump; 11 – leading gear wheel of the oil pump; 12 – the conducted gear wheel of the oil pump; 13 – cover of the oil pump; 14 – epiploon

The device of the lubrication system is shown in fig. 5.15.
The lubrication system combined: under pressure radical and conrod bearings of a bent shaft, camshaft support are greased; spraying — walls of cylinders, pistons with piston rings, piston fingers, camshaft cams, pushers and cores of valves.
The system consists of an oil case, the gear oil pump with an oil receiver 9, a full-line oil filter 1, the sensor of pressure of oil 7 and oil channels.
At pressure drop of oil is lower admissible in a combination of devices the alarm lamp of emergency pressure drop of oil lights up.
The oil pump gear, with gear wheels of 11 and 12 internal gearings, is located at a forward end face of the block of cylinders. The leading gear wheel of the 11th oil pump is established on two lyska on the forward end of a bent shaft. For reduction of mechanical losses of a gear wheel have trokhoidalny gearing. The oil receiver 9 is attached by bolts to a cover of the second radical bearing and to a pump housing. For restriction of the maximum pressure the reducing valve 3 is installed in the lubrication system on the pump.
Oil filter 1 full-line, non-demountable, with perepuskny and antidrainage valves.
Works on replacement of oil in the engine and an oil filter are described in section 4 "Maintenance"; removal and installation, and also repair of the oil pump — in this subsection.