5.17.5. Replacement of a radiator of the cooling system

The radiator is subject to replacement at detection of a leak from it of cooling liquid.
In the workshop having the special equipment, the radiator can be checked and repaired.
It will be required to you: a key "on 10" (the face head is more convenient), the screw-driver with a crosswise edge, passatizh with long thin sponges.
1. Merge cooling liquid (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").
2. Remove the radiator electric fan (see. "Removal and installation of the electric fan of a radiator with a casing").
3. Remove a sound signal (see. "Removal, installation and adjustment of a sound signal").
4. Weaken a fastening collar inhaling to a radiator of the bringing hose...
5.... also remove a hose from a radiator branch pipe.
6. Similarly disconnect the taking-away hose from a radiator.
7. Turn off two nuts of fastening of a radiator to a body.
8. Take out the holder of a steam discharge hose from an opening in the top cross-piece of a motor compartment.
9. Incline a radiator to the engine. Weaken an inhaling of a tape collar of a steam discharge hose …
10.... also remove a hose from the radiator union.

Good advice
Tape collars of fastening of hoses are inconvenient in use, it is difficult to provide with them tightness of connection repeatedly. We recommend to replace at the first detachment of hoses tape collars worm, available on sale.

11. Take out a radiator up.
12. Remove two pillows of the lower fastening if they remained on adjusting pins of a radiator from a radiator or take them from openings in a cross-piece if they remained on a body. Replace the pillows torn or lost elasticity.
13. Take rubber-metal plugs from radiator arms. Replace the rubber plugs torn or lost elasticity.
14. Wash out a radiator outside a stream of water and dry. If on plastic tanks of a radiator there are cracks, replace a radiator.
15. Check tightness of a radiator for what muffle its branch pipes and lower in the container with water, having brought to it air under pressure of 0,1 MPas (1 kgf/cm2). Not less than 30 with from a radiator should not appear vials of air. If the radiator is not located in capacity completely, check it consistently from all directions.
16. Establish a radiator as it should be, the return to removal, previously having put on pins of a radiator of a pillow of the lower fastening and having inserted into arms of the plug of the top fastening.

Good advice
Further to exclude a possibility of leak of cooling liquid, before connection to a radiator of hoses grease radiator branch pipes with a thin layer of sealant.

17. Install the electric fan and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.
18. Fill in cooling liquid (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").