5.18.10. Removal and installation of a fuel stage

The fuel stage is removed for replacement of nozzles and repair of a head of the block of cylinders, and also when replacing the stage.
It will be required to you: a six-sided key "on 5", the screw-driver with a flat edge, a key "on 17" (two).
1. Reduce pressure in fuel system (see. "Pressure decrease of fuel in an engine power supply system").
2. Remove a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
3. Remove a decorative casing of the engine (see. "Removal and installation of a decorative casing of the engine").
4. Remove the air filter (see. "Removal and installation of the air filter").
5. Remove throttle knot from an inlet collector (see. "Removal and installation of throttle knot").
6. Remove an inlet collector (see. "Replacement of laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders").
7. Squeeze a clamp …
8. … also remove a block of a plait of wires of nozzles. Similarly remove blocks from the remained three nozzles.
9. Carry out an initial inspection of windings of nozzles. For this purpose serially connect an ohmmeter to contacts in sockets of nozzles and measure resistance of their windings in each case. It has to be 11–15 Ohms. If at measurement of a nozzle the size of resistance differs from specified, then this nozzle is faulty and it needs to be replaced (see. "Check and replacement of nozzles").
10. For replacement of a plait of wires of nozzles or a fuel stage it is necessary to have a bite bokorezam fixing collars. For replacement of nozzles this operation is not required. Further for descriptive reasons the plait of wires is removed.
11. Unscrew the fuel supply tube union …

Good advice
Use a special key "on 17" for an otvorachivaniye of unions of tubes.

Surely hold a nut of a tip of a fuel stage the second Rozhkov a key.

12. … also disconnect a fuel tube from a stage.
13. Turn out two screws of fastening of a fuel stage …
14. … also remove a stage together with nozzles.

Pay attention: connection of a tube and stage is condensed with a rubber ring. Surely replace strongly pressed out, hardened or torn ring.

If at removal of a fuel stage some nozzle remained in an inlet pipe of the engine, replace its sealing rings and a clamp.

15. Establish and fix a fuel stage as it should be, the return to removal, having oiled sealing rings of nozzles engine or WD-40.

At installation of a fuel stage that the plait of wires of nozzles did not concern the engine, fix it on a stage by new plastic collars.

16. Having established a fuel stage, having connected a fuel-supply line and having connected a block of a plait of wires, fix the minus plug on the rechargeable battery, turn 3–4 times an ignition lock key in situation "I" (ignition) with intervals 2–3 with between inclusions and check tightness of connection of the pipeline and consolidations of nozzles.
17. Establish all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.