5.18.11. Check and replacement of nozzles

Can be signs of malfunction of nozzles:
– the complicated launch of the engine;
– unstable operation of the engine;
– the engine becomes deaf idling;
– the lowered frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling;
– the engine does not develop full capacity, insufficient acceleration performance of the engine;
– failures in operation of the engine at the movement of the car;
– the increased fuel consumption;
– the increased maintenance of SN in the fulfilled gases.
It will be required to you: a six-sided key "on 5", the screw-driver with a flat edge, a key "on 17" (two), an autotester.
1. Separate a connecting block of a plait of wires of nozzles and a motor plait, having wrung out a clamp.
2. Carry out an initial inspection of windings of nozzles. For this purpose serially connect an ohmmeter to contacts of blocks.

In a block five contacts are come: four for giving of the operating signal on nozzles and one general "+12 V" (the crimson wire with a black strip is connected to it).

3. In turn connect four managing directors of contact with the general contact and measure resistance in each case. It has to be 11–15 Ohms. If at one or several measurements the size of resistance differs from specified, perhaps, the tested nozzles or a plait of their wires are faulty.
4. For more exact check and replacement of nozzles remove a fuel stage from the car (see. "Removal and installation of a fuel stage").
5. Hook the screw-driver a spring clamp of a nozzle …
6. … remove a clamp …
7.... also take a nozzle from a fuel stage. Similarly take other nozzles.
8. For identification of a faulty nozzle connect an ohmmeter to contacts of nozzles. It has to show resistance of 11-15 Ohms. If resistance of a winding does not meet standard, replace a faulty nozzle as it is not maintainable.

In a form of the sprayed torch of fuel and on tightness you carry out check of a nozzle at specialized service stations as such check directly on the car is very fire-dangerous.

Nozzles of the VAZ-21126-00 engine of the VAZ-2170 Lada Priora car have an original design and are not interchanged VAZ of other models with nozzles of injector engines. Get new nozzles with just the same marking.

9. At each removal of nozzles surely replace sealing rings on all nozzles from a stage. Having accurately hooked the screw-driver for edge of a ring …
10. … remove a sealing ring from a nozzle …
11. … and similarly remove a ring from a spray.
12. If you establish former nozzles, accurately wash out their sprays solvent or a cleaner of the carburetor.

Establish new sealing rings accurately, without use of any tool, previously having oiled them engine.

Sealing rings on nozzles are identical to other rings established on early models of VAZ with systems of injection of fuel and are interchanged with them.

13. Before installation of nozzles oil sealing rings engine or WD-40.
14. Establish nozzles as it should be, the return to removal, having fixed them on a stage by clamps, having drawn in them previously a little.
15. Having established a fuel stage, having connected a fuel-supply line and having connected a block of a plait of wires, fix the minus plug on the rechargeable battery, turn 3–4 times an ignition lock key in situation "I" (ignition) with intervals 2–3 with between inclusions and check tightness of connection of the pipeline and consolidations of nozzles.
16. Establish all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.