5.18.7. Replacement of the fuel tank and its bulk pipe

At detection of a leak of fuel from a tank replace a tank. If the grid of the fuel pump often gets littered, remove and wash out a tank.
If the leak in the area of a joint of the top and lower parts of a tank is found, these places it is possible пропаять (it is recommended to be done in specialized workshops). For this purpose pour out the gasoline remains, carefully wash out and dry a tank. Then solder the place of a leak soft solder.

It is possible to solder only carefully washed out and dried tank which is not containing gasoline vapors, otherwise at the soldering of couple can ignite.
For washing of the fuel tank use the Lobomid detergents, MS or ML. To remove the detergent remains, wash out and steam a tank a stream of hot water. Carefully dry a tank.

It is more convenient to remove an empty tank, working at the elevator, a platform or an osmotrovy ditch.
It will be required to you: keys "on 10", "on 13", screw-drivers with flat and crosswise edges.
1. Reduce pressure in a power supply system (see. "Pressure decrease of fuel in an engine power supply system").
2. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
3. Disconnect fuel-supply lines from the fuel pump (see. "Removal and installation of the fuel pump").
4. Install the car on the elevator or an osmotrovy ditch.
5. Weaken an inhaling of a collar of fastening of the airtaking-away hose …
6. … also disconnect it from the airtaking-away tube of a bulk pipe.
7. Squeeze clamps of the quick-detachable union …
8. … also pick up the phone of discharge of fuel from a separator.
9. Weaken an inhaling of a collar of fastening of a connecting hose of a bulk pipe …
10. … also disconnect a hose from a branch pipe of the fuel tank.
11. Turn out two bolts of collars of fastening of the fuel tank …
12. … take away collars forward …
13. … also remove a tank from the car.
14. In case of replacement of the fuel tank rearrange on a new tank of a detail and knots from an old tank. Having weakened an inhaling of a collar of fastening of the airtaking-away hose …
15. … remove a hose from the union of the fuel tank …
16. … also take the fuel pump from a tank (see. "Removal and installation of the fuel pump").

The bulk pipe of the fuel tank in case of need can be removed from the car as follows.
17. Remove a stopper from a mouth of a bulk pipe (see. "Filling of the car with gasoline").
18. Turn off nuts of fastening lower …
19. … and top arm of fastening of a bulk pipe.
20. Remove a bulk pipe from the car, having taken out its top end from facing of a mouth of a bulk pipe.

The wheel is for descriptive reasons removed.

21. Unbend edge of rubber facing of a mouth of a bulk pipe …
22. … also remove facing.

Check a condition of facing of a mouth of a bulk pipe and at identification of cracks, gaps or loss of elasticity replace it new.

23. Weaken fastening of a collar …
24. … also remove a hose from a bulk mouth.
25. Check an integrity of welded seams …
26. … and condition of a safety blind of a bulk pipe. If necessary replace a pipe new.
27. Install the fuel tank and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.

Before installation of the fuel tank examine collars of its fastening. Replace the rusty or burst in the place of a welded seam collars new. Pay attention: collars different (left 1 and right 2).