5.19.6. Removal and installation of thermoscreens

The system of production of the fulfilled gases in operating time of the engine heats up to high temperature. Therefore at mechanical damage or strong corrosion of the thermoscreens installed between elements of system and the basis of a body surely replace them. Besides decrease in level of comfort in salon, malfunction of thermoscreens can lead to ignition of a thermonoise isolation of a body floor as converter of the fulfilled gases heats up to temperature over 600 °C.
Removal and installation of the thermoscreen of a katkollektor are described in the course of replacement of the additional muffler (see. "Replacement of the additional muffler").
1. For removal of the forward thermoscreen of the additional muffler previously remove the additional muffler (see. "Replacement of the additional muffler").
2. Turn off four nuts of fastening to the body basis …
3. … also remove the thermoscreen.
4. Install the thermoscreen as it should be, the return to removal.