5.5. Removal and installation of a decorative casing of the engine

For improvement of appearance of a motor compartment and decrease in noise level the decorative plastic casing is installed on the engine. When performing the majority of works on repair and service of the engine this casing needs to be removed.
The decorative casing is fixed by four rubber clamps which are put on the hairpins screwed in an inlet collector.
You will need the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Wring out a clamp and remove a block of a plait of wires from the electromagnetic valve of a purge of an adsorber.
2. Hook the screw-driver and take out a valve clamp.
3. Take away the valve together with hoses from the engine.
4. Turn off a stopper of an oil-filling mouth.
5. Pull a casing for edges up and remove it, having removed clamps from hairpins.

At once after removal of a casing install into place a stopper of an oil-filling mouth in order to avoid hit in the engine of foreign objects.

6. Examine clamps from a reverse side of a casing.
7. Replace the torn clamp for what wring out the pointed tool (for example, with the screw-driver) edge of a leg of a clamp (it is shown by an arrow) and push a clamp in a casing opening. For simplification of installation oil a clamp engine.
8. Establish a decorative casing as it should be, the return to removal, having put on clamps hairpins and having pressed a casing in the locations of clamps against the stop.