6.1.4. Replacement of the bearing of switching off of coupling

1. Remove the transmission from the car (see. "Removal and installation of the transmission").
2. Bring the ends of a spring clamp out of gearing with the bearing coupling.
3. Remove the bearing from the directing plug.
4. Wring out four pads of the spring holder and remove the holder. Then remove the bearing from the coupling.
5. Before installation check the new bearing. It has to rotate easily, without jammings and not have side plays.
6. Install the bearing on the coupling (the acting part of an internal ring has to be directed from the coupling aside) and record it the holder.
7. Before installation of the bearing on the directing plug grease the plug with a thin layer of jellied lubricant.
8. Fix the coupling with the bearing a spring clamp and install into place the transmission.