6.1.5. Replacement of a fork of switching off of coupling

It will be required to you: screw-driver, passatizh.
1. Remove the coupling switching off bearing (see. "Replacement of the bearing of switching off of coupling").
2. Having carefully hooked the screw-driver a rubber protective cover 1, remove it from the fork lever 2 switching off of coupling. Replace the protective cover torn or lost elasticity.
3. Having squeezed passatizham clamp petals from the inside of a case of coupling and having hooked the screw-driver outside, take out the plastic plug of an axis of a fork. Replace the plastic plug of an axis of a fork if it is strongly worn-out or clamp petals are damaged.
4. Having raised a fork, bring its axis out of the plug pressed in a coupling case and remove a fork, having brought an axis, and then the lever out of openings in a coupling case.
5. Remove a spring clamp from a fork, having squeezed its ends. Replace the spring clamp broken or lost elasticity.
6. Replace a coupling switching off fork if the lever of 1 fork was bent or burst or pads 2 forks in places of contact with the bearing coupling are strongly worn-out.
7. The worn-out metal plug to a vypressuyta, then press new against the stop.
8. Before installation of a fork grease metal and plastic plugs with jellied lubricant.
9. Establish a coupling switching off fork as it should be, the return to removal. Pay attention to that the ledge on the plastic plug got to a groove on a coupling case, and its petals reliably fixed the plug in a case from drop-out.